Bpd dating a sociopath

If he is stay. So I turned on her. I don't usually share personal stories, but NM's post inspired me.: Only one of us four is heading down Dad's direction and that too is directly attributable to Dad. I do have a fear of abandonment, and I split others. I find myself wanting to play his game, while playing my own game to manipulate him back to me As an aside, the marriage chameleon who is so often proposed to does not seem typically borderline--a borderline woman is more likely to be in abusive relationships, or be used for sex, than to be seen as a good wife.

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But I'm going to shut the fuck up now:

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What would happen in a BPD-ASPD relationship?

All personality disorders are treatable. I just hate being put into the same category as some Borderlines bec I do have it yes but not all Borderlines are havoc reakers or violent or chamilions. Problem was when having to deal with the real world and people and situations that did not fit into my inner world, it was like a punch to the soul. As a Socio-path you are likely to be the most stable, and predictable person you'll ever meet. He had BPD too.

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bpd dating a sociopath
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bpd dating a sociopath
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