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A picture and brief information is shown of some of the Gantz' targets ; Gantz orders them to go and kill them. It's revealed the aliens are actually real and if you die in the game you're dead for real this time. Archived from the original on 31 January After the completion of Phase 1, the author put the series on hiatus for a short time to work on Phase 2, which is also known as "Katastrophe". I'm the dark, moody loner! O Characters Kei Kurono.

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There's a man who rapes alien women before killing them.

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The Gantz anime has been described as being extremely "violent", "gory" and "sadistic" and yet is also very "addictive", even when it was censored during broadcast. Family strokes game night full scene and kevin james taboo first time. When the Gantz sphere opens, green text appears on its surface, informing those present that their "lives have ended and now belong to him". There's nothing homophobic about not wanting to get raped! Ranked Popularity MembersShare With Your Friends. However, he has mentioned that he does not autocensor and that all the drawings he has ever illustrated have been published in the manga.

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