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Here are 15 former kid stars who ended up baring all in ways that proved they were more than grown up and took you aback at how daring they could be. That's right -- a girl whose age wasn't even in the double digits had to learn to work it like a stripper. Satan speaks through Regan, and the stuff he says is downright vulgar. Hard to believe but a decade ago, no one knew her as anything but the daughter of one-hit country star Bill Ray Cyrus. Somewhere, Hannah Montana is clutching her pearls. A fresh take on sports:

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The filmmakers doubtlessly handled these moments with sensitivity on set, and Keen certainly understood that nothing happening was real.

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That requires an image shift. A fresh take on sports: The film ultimately condemns Nick, even while indulging in the exact same kind of behavior it's allegedly critical of. She may have scared audiences as a kid but Fuhrman ended up intriguing with her body to show older than her years in many ways. For her part, though, Fanning dismissed the concerns of adults on her behalf, showing a sense of maturity about her profession. The Finest Breasts In Entertainment.

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